• "Spyur" call center operates at the following multi-channel phone numbers:
    • 113 - only from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh
    • +374-11-331331, +374-10-519999, +374-60-519999, +1-747-228-1111(USA) – from any location
  • The call center provides free information on 27 000 companies, organizations and state structures of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, their products and services. During 1 call the call center provides data:
    • on maximum 8-10 companies - by phone
    • on maximum 1000 companies - by email
  • The search for companies is performed both by the offered product/service and by name, trademark/brand and other data
  • The service is provided through 14 telephone lines
  • Working days - all days
  • Working hours - 24 hours
  • Inquiries are served in 3 languages - Armenian, Russian, English
  • The service has been operating since 1992
  • There also operates "Spyur plus" call center at the paid phone number 09000-1313 (1 second of the call is 1.5 drams), which provides a priority service to a caller. As opposed to "Spyur" call center, "Spyur plus" call center also provides the following information:
    • area codes
    • currency rates
    • Armenia zip codes
    • location of Armenian addresses

"Spyur" call center makes a trilingual search for companies and provides information by the following data (28 data types):
  • company name
  • overhead organization name
  • trademark, brand
  • executive
  • сountry
  • marz/province
  • city/village
  • region
  • district
  • street
  • building/house
  • address
  • telephone
  • e-mail
  • other communications (fax, Skype, Viber, Zangi, WhatsApp, …)
  • website
  • products, services by "Spyur's" classifier
  • activity type by "Spyur's" classifier
  • products/services sub-type
  • activity description
  • export/import
  • working days
  • working hours
  • legal form (LLC, CJSC, …)
  • form of ownership (state, non-governmental, …)
  • annual turnover
  • year established
  • number of employees

Any company or state structure operating in Armenia, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and Armenian diaspora can be included in "Spyur's" directories (in the call center, website, mobile applications, email-directory, computer program, printed directory, "Kompass Armenia") by 2 types of status:
1. Free subscriber
It provides:
  • company search by limited number of data
  • low position in the search result list, as opposed to "Privileged subscriber"
  • company presentation in "Spyur’s" 5 directories (not presented in the printed directory, "Kompass Armenia")
  • data presentation in a limited volume
2. Privileged subscriber - "To Higher Position" service (paid)
It provides:
  • company search by up to 30 data types
  • high position in the search result list, as opposed to "Free subscriber"
  • company presentation in "Spyur's" 6 directories and in thematic printed directories
  • data presentation in a full volume (up to 30 data types)
    as well as:
  • activity presentation by 2 classifiers
  • short web address for company page (
  • absence of competitors on company webpage
  • priority service in "Spyur's" call center
  • direct call to the customer interested in the offer
  • online view of statistics of call center inquiries
  • annual statistics of inquiries (telephone, website)
  • free order for market research
  • free delivery of 1 copy of the printed directory
  • receipt of tender announcements distributed by "Spyur"
  • other privileges

To be included in "Spyur’s" directories by any variant it is necessary:
  • to fill in the registration form in the section "Add a company" on
  • to call "Spyur" at +374-60-619999 phone number and provide company data (name, executive, activity, contacts)

  • Number of served calls a day - up to 8000
  • Number of provided companies a day - up to 10 000
  • Layout of inquiries by search criteria:
    • by name - 50%
    • by activity - 30%
    • by trademark, brand - 10%
    • by address - 6%
    • by other criteria - 4%
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