Step 1 - Increase of customers

Customers will increase, if a customer finds you easily

For this purpose you need:
  1. 1. To be presented in a more popular information (search engine) system
  2. 2. To provide a possibility to be found by all information
  3. 3. To take a high position in the search result

Order "Spyur's" "To Higher Position" service, become "Spyur's" "Privileged Subscriber" and you:

  • will be trilingually fully presented in 6 directories of "Spyur" which has 35 000 users daily
  • will become available to customers if they search by all information
  • will take the required high position in the search result
  • will become more available to customers in Google, Yandex and other search engines

Step 2 - Increase of buyers

Buyers will increase the customer who has found you will choose you

For this purpose you need:

To present the customer your detailed information by highlighting the advantages.

Order the service "To Higher Position" and present your information and advantages
to the customer who has found you through the following data:

  • Company logo - on the company's webpage and in the search result page (next to the name)
  • Description of the company's advantages (just under the name)
  • Addresses map location
  • Short way to the address
  • Additional communications (Viber, Zangi, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, fax, ...)
  • Working days, hours, break
  • Activity description
  • Online sales platforms (as a link)
  • Photo sets
  • Video sets
  • Products, services by "Spyur" classifier
  • Products, services sub-types (picture, name, brand, country, online order - as a link)
  • Social networks in the section "Write us" (as a link)
  • Mobile applications (as a link)

Step 3 - Advertisement

Buyers will increase, if you advertise Your advantages and promo events

By ordering "To Higher Position" service, you also get the opportunity
to advertise your advantages and promo events:

  • Advertising in 3 directories at once, directed at the customers who have found you:
    • Advertising banner on Spyur.am - at the top of your company webpage
    • Advertising banner on "Spyur-Messenager" - in the list of companies ordered by your customer
    • Promo event presentation/advertising in 113 call center - while reading your data
  • Advertising via Email - addressed to 11000 companies

In addition - Additional privileges

By ordering “To Higher Position” service, you also get a number of privileges.

  • presentation of activity by 2 classifiers
  • company webpage short address (www.spyur.am/[name])
  • absence of competitors on the company webpage
  • priority service in "Spyur's" call center
  • possibility to online view call center statistics of call requests for the company
  • receipt of annual individual statistics (requests in the call center, views on Spyur.am, emails from Spyur.am)
  • receipt of tender announcements distributed by "Spyur"
  • statistics on the company’s position in a selected market sector


The price of "To Higher Position" service depends on the selected package and additional services.

The minimum price is 3000 drams a month.

In case of questions please contact "Spyur's" service department at +374-60-619999 phone number or
[email protected] email address.

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