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"MAF GROUP" Limited Liability Company (LLC) "MAF GROUP" Limited Liability Company (LLC)
"YARMARKA PPI" LLC (Russia), Distributor (bread crumbs, cereals)
"AJINOMOTO" LLC (Japan-Russia), Distributor (products for Japanese cuisine)
"KOMPANIYA TBK LLC / TAMAKI" (China-Russia), Distributor (products for pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine)
"KOMPANIYA TBK LLC / KASHO" (China-Russia), Distributor (products for pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine)
"KONSERVTORG LLC / SUNFEEL" (Russia), Distributor (canned fruit and vegetables)
"PETLOKLIP LLC / TEKHNOLOGIYA PLYUS" (Russia), Exclusive Representative (nets for production of meat and fish products)
"BIOPRODUKT AROMA" LLC (Russia), Distributor (meat flavorings)
"FRAM" LLC (Russia), Distributor (products for pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine)
"BIOCOL" LLC (Russia), Exclusive Representative (colorants)
"ZARECHNOE" LLC (Russia), Distributor (meat products)
"PF ULYBINO" LLC (Russia), Distributor (duck meat, meat products)
"VOSTOCHNAYA-AGRO" LLC (Russia), Distributor (turkey meat)
"BELGRANKORM" LLC (Russia), Distributor (meat products)
"GURMANIN" LLC (Russia), Distributor (meat products)
"OIL PARTNERS" LLC (Malaysia), Distributor (cocoa)
"AGROIMPEX" LLC (Argentina-Brazil-Indonesia), Distributor (coconut chips, peanuts, sesame)
"NEO CHEMICAL" LLC (China), Distributor (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate)
"SELL-SERVICE" LLC (Italy-Malaysia-Indonesia), Distributor (cocoa powder, agar)