• "Kompass" system is the world's largest company information databases
  • "Kompass" system information is presented on Kompass.com website
  • "Kompass" system presents information on 5.1 million companies from 60 countries of the world
  • "Kompass's" objective is to establish direct relations between consumers and product/service manufacturers throughout the world
  • The main users of "Kompass" system are company executives, managers of marketing, supply, purchase, importation, exportation departments, entrepreneurs and specialists
  • "Kompass" is one of the primary sources of business information (B2B) worldwide both for companies and various international, state and business structures, such as UN, world trade centers, business unions, embassies, chambers of commerce and industry, etc.
  • "Kompass" was established in 1944. The head office is in France
  • "Spyur" Information System has been presenting "Kompass" in Armenia since 2003 as "Kompass Armenia"
  • Due to "Kompass Armenia" companies of Armenia have become available for users of the world's most famous business information system


  • Kompass.com website includes:
    • 5 100 000 companies from 60 countries
    • 55 000 products, services
    • 1 000 000 trademarks
  • Information on the website is presented in 26 languages, including English and Russian
  • The company search on the website is carried out by 20 criteria (by name, product/service, trademark, country, etc.)

Any company operating in Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) can be included in "Kompass" system through "Spyur" Information System ("Kompass Armenia"). There are 3 variants of information inclusion:
    1. "Limited Inclusion in Kompass"
    To be included with this variant a company only needs to be "Spyur's" "Privileged subscriber" (to have ordered "Spyur's" "To Higher Position" service). Data of companies that are included with this variant are presented on Kompass.com with brief information: name, address, telephone, general activity.
    Irrespective of the variant of inclusion only 1 address and 1 phone number are allowed to be presented on Kompass.com.
    2. "Complete Inclusion in Kompass"
    For complete inclusion on Kompass.com "Spyur's" "Privileged subscribers" should order "Complete Placement in Kompass" service which provides:
  • presentation of company information (in English, Russian languages) on Kompass.com in full volume, except for email
  • full presentation of company products and services according to Kompass.com classification
    3. "To Higher Position" on Kompass.com
    This service provides:
  • presentation of "Spyur's" "Privileged subscriber" on the top of search result page on Kompass.com
  • "Complete Inclusion in Kompass"
  • presentation of email in the data
  • presentation of company logo, phone number, email on search result page
    "To Higher Position" service on Kompass.com will help:
  • to be fully presented in famous worldwide business information system which has up to 5 million visitors a month
  • to occupy high position and become more available on Kompass.com when users search for products, services
  • to expand into new export and import markets
  • to find new partners, suppliers worldwide
  • to get emails from partners interested in your company
  • to find product and service buyers abroad

To be included on Kompass.com with any of the variants it is necessary to get in contact with "Spyur" and call a commercial representative.


  • Number of visits a day - up to 200 000
  • Geography of visits:
    • from Europe - 75%
    • from Asia - 15%
    • from Africa - 4%
    • from North America - 3%
    • from South America - 2%
    • from Australia - 1%
  • Number of page views a day - 1 000 000
  • Search criteria distribution:
    • by product, service - 60%
    • by name - 30%
    • by trademark - 5%
    • by other criteria - 5%

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